Friday Build Update – 1/10/20 – First Build Day

Today is an exciting day – the first build day of the season! We have been discussing, planning, and working to understand the game for the past few meetings, but today we split into teams and get straight to work.

Drafters and coders working together

Our CAD and Coding teams introduced new members to the programs they’ll use for the rest of the season. Coders all downloaded VisualStudio, a program that allows each of them to code together in the same format, and the CAD team downloaded and learned the basics of AutoCAD.

Discussing prototypes and testing motors

In the FAB lab, our workshop, many projects were started. Students began construction on two prototype shooters, one box shaped and one banana shaped. To learn more about those, tune in to tomorrow’s build update! Other students tested motors and began construction of our field. Our team always builds a 1:1 wooden model of about half of of the game field for testing and practice purposes. One team worked with mentors to dismantle last year’s prototype robot: Proto, attempting to take off the elevator system without breaking it.

Another team in the lab worked on a prototype climber. In this year’s Infinite Recharge competition, at the end of the round, there are points available for reaching up and climbing on to a suspended, tilting bar. For more details, please read our team’s guide to the Infinite Recharge challenge here! The first model we looked at was a scissor-lift, where the edges are squeezed together, causing the structure to grow taller. Watch the clip below for an example:

A new journalist and her first article

This year, with a larger journalism team, we decided to take our first look at the Chairman’s award competitions. The chairman’s competitions happen during a robotics competition. Teams submit a flashdrive with a 1-3 minute video describing their journalism and outreach experiences. There are also many online questions that must be answered in writing. This year, team 4611 hopes to join the running for the Chairman’s award.

Thanks for tuning in, see you back here tomorrow!

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