Saturday Build Update – 1/26/19 – Rise of the Elevator!

Today’s focus was our Elevator!

While the Programming Team worked on transforming files and researching as well as finalizing Elevator coding for magnetic limit switches, the CAD team began 3D printing housing for our potentiometer.

A potentiometer is a device that measures its own rotation and outputs a number between 0 and 1. OZone is using it to measure the vertical extension of the elevator, for data as well as command precision.
Magnetic limit switches are essentially triggers. As one is passed, a line of code activates. OZone has limit switches at top, near the top, at the bottom, and near the bottom of the Elevator. When the middle switches are passed, they halve the raising or lowering speed of the lift. At the top and bottom, they bring the lift to a complete stop.

In addition to the housing, the CAD team worked through new designs, finished last week’s loose ends, and experimented with chains in Solidworks.
The FAB team worked on the Elevator, as well as a conveyor system and the final apparatuses for our mock match site–the second rocket and second side of the cargo ship.
The Electrical team’s focus today was LIDAR – Light Radar.
The Journalists began their outreach today via blog, and edited some video clips. They also helped out and gave the programmers a few extra hands to work with.
Drive team tested the elevator at the close of the day, but saved most of the fun for Sunday’s meeting!

Quotes of the day –
“Can I get your Dewey Decimal Number?” – Journalists
“Don’t look so concerned! We’re not putting a plywood box on our finished robot!”
Aside: ” We’re putting a plywood box on our finished robot.” – Mr. Halter

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