Saturday Build Update – 2/22/20 – Test and Retest

Welcome to one of our final build days! We’re down to less than a week until the competition, and the final preparations are continuing to bring everything together!

Scissor lift on robot

Today, the priority has been getting the robot to function fully. The scissor lift is now on the robot, and CAD has been working on parts for the scissor lift as well.

Testing the robot

Halfway through the meeting, the robot was tested with more than just driving. We set up a rough layout of the field and when we put the robot out, we also set out balls out to act as power-cells for the robot. The robot was driven around and we tested the intake of balls and moving them through the transport to the shooter. When that worked for the most part, we then tried low goal shooting, and eventually high goal. They’re still working on new and recurring issues, but the overall idea is there.

Working on robot

Our PR team has been hard at work finalizing things for Chairman’s Award. They’re putting the final touches on the script and rehearsing for their presentation. They also worked on ‘thank-you’ cards for our sponsors.

Robot up and running

Our competition is less than a week out, and hard work is being put in to make sure everything gets done! We continue our preparations tomorrow- see you then!

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