2015 Buckeye Regional Practice Round

Ozone robotics, Team 4611 completed our practice rounds today at the Buckeye Regional. The day started off with rain and cold temperatures on the walk to the Wolstein Center and that’s how Ozone felt after our first few tries on the arena floor. We ran into a few autonomous coding issues which hung us up during the teleop period, however team members stepped up, made changes and got us on the right track. We started “crowning” tote stacks and working Winnie through the paces in an effort to help our alliances gain more points and to show other teams what we can do well. Team members were crawling through the pits scouting other teams and doing research of materials and supplies that other teams use in an effort to bring back knowledge to Ozone for future reference. Tomorrow is a huge day for us as we see the culmination of our six week build season and compete for a chance at a regional championship. The team is excited and ready for another long, but rewarding day. Below are a few pictures of our practice round day. Stay Calm and Robot On





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