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All OZone Robotics Members NEW and RETURNING

Please fill out the google form for the upcoming 2019 Season

Team Member Form

Steps for GitHub

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: At the top of a page are several boxes asking for 

Usernames, password, and email. Fill these out. Your

username needs to fit this format firstnamelastname 

(if already taken add graduation year to the end of your


Step 3: 

Complete the google form on at .

Once you’ve accepted you are in the team and ready to be assigned!

Github User Name Form

FIRST Youth Registration

Alumni Information Survey

OZone alumni please take just a very short moment to fill out the survey at the link provided.  Current Ozone members are working to show our history and to honor our alumni better.  Filling out this survey will help us do that!

Thank you,

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