Buckeye Regional Competition: Wednesday

Team 4611 has been working extremely hard on the days leading up to the Buckeye Regional competition. On Monday, team members going to Cleveland met to cover room and scouting assignments, and to pack up the pit. The team has expanded upon it’s scouting program from last year, and has created an app that can be used by many different teams to collect match data.

After school, team members loaded up parts of the pit into trailers and loaded up their luggage onto the bus to get ready for Cleveland! Only a limited number of members were allowed inside the Wolstein Center to set up tonight. After setting up, team members walked to the hotel at ate dinner. At the dinner team meeting we discussed standards Ozone members should hold themselves too this weekend. Some of them included following through on jobs we need to do, being respectful to one another, and asking for and offering help. We will actively visit other team’s pits this weekend to help expand our program.

Video updates will be uploaded to our YouTube channel in the next few days. Thursday is practice matches, Friday is qualification matches, and Saturday will be our final matches. Make sure to check out the live webcast! http://www.oai.org/firstbuckeye/webcast.html


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