Buckeye Regional: Friday Qualification Rounds

Our drive, code, and scouting teams worked very diligently today to make sure our robot would do as well as possible. At the end of the day, Ozone ranked 19 out of 60 teams! We are very proud of everyone involved.

The team started out to the center at 7am today in order to be one of the first teams in line and to get good seats for scouting. Our first match was match 2, so directly after opening ceremonies the team prepared to drive.

Opening Ceremonies

Working In The Pit

Our scouting worked exceptionally well in predicting match outcomes today: within 25 points of the final score. The scouting app went down in the middle of the day but was quickly fixed with the help of a mentor.

Nancy wasn’t able to climb the rope the first 2 matches she played in, but, the drive team and mentors reviewed match footage via the livestream and off a gopro we sewed on to the robot. What we learned from reviewing these matches allowed us to climb 3 times after that, out of 6 matches. It also allowed us to better our autonomous code. The team modified our rope for our final qualification matches that will be played tomorrow.

Watching Our Matches

At the end of the day awards were presented to mentors and a mentor parade was held. Thank you to all volunteers and mentors who have helped teams attending the Buckeye Regional throughout it’s history!


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