Buckeye Regional Friday Qualifying

Team 4611 woke to frigid temperatures in Cleveland, Ohio for Friday’s qualification matches. Early on we were allied with Team 1987 whose fully automated robot creates a wall of totes. We were excited about our prospects of “crowning” the toe stacks with trash cans and exponentially increasing the point value. As luck would have it, Team 1987 ran into a few difficulties and were unable to create a wall of totes and our alliance earned 0 points. Our luck didn’t get better throughout the day, with tote stacks and trash cans falling before scoring was complete. However, Ozone team members kept a positive attitude and various occasions the drive team came through with scoring rounds and we clawed our way from the 54th ranked team, to the 40th ranked team at the end of the day. We have two more qualification matches left tomorrow morning and the hopes of being picked for an alliance. We realize it is a long shot, but we are keeping our hopes up.
Overall, our team and robotics program grew as a whole. Students helping students by taking initiative to communicate and solve problems with our peers to reach a common goal. The essence of FIRST is alive and well in Ozone.

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