Buckeye Regional: Practice Rounds

After a long day of hard work, fun, and dedication, day one of the Buckeye Regional FIRST robotics competition comes to a close tonight.

7:30am, ready to go!

Giant Game of Rock Paper Scissors in Line

Drivers Meeting First Thing

In between our practice matches, programmers worked on fixing autonomous code and the LED ring and other team members worked on tightening the gear grabber and replacing weather stripping used on the fuel collector. Gears would fall out of robot if we swung around too fast.

The Pits

OZone’s Pit

We are extremely proud of our scouting app! The majority of our team members rotated to scout matches today and record timed data that our drivers use to develop strategy and predict the outcome of future matches. We record when teams collect gears, place them, when they collect and shoot fuel, and the paths they take to do it.

Scouting Headquarters

The team met back together for dinner at the end of the night and discussed scouting goals for tomorrow. We also talked about interesting things we saw from other teams that we can learn from.

Check out the practice round highlights from today! Our robot, Nancy, was able to successfully climb 2 out of the 4 matches. With the help of our drive team, she was also able to shoot a few balls successfully into the high goal and place a few gears.


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