Final Monday Update: 2/20/17

Tomorrow is Stop Build Day for all FIRST robotics teams. Ozone is perfecting it’s code and driving techniques.

Bumpers were fitted for the competition robot and the plexiglass roof for the hopper was added. A drafting team member 3D printed new mounts for the pressure gauge and kangaroo.

The visual acquisition LED light was taken off of the test robot and put on the prototype robot. Programmers worked on perfecting their autonomous code, using visual acquisition, in hopes that our robot will be able to place a gear in autonomous mode. They changed values in their code to account for the camera recognizing light too far left or too far right.

The drive team was able to spend a few hours practicing collecting and shooting balls, collecting and shooting gears, and climbing. Human players were able to practice sliding gears down the loading station into the robot. The gear was not going into the collector smoothly; team members fixed this problem by bending the gear collector and adding foam to it.

The ultrasonic sensor was used to help our drive team get into the correct position to shoot balls into the boiler. Team members tested shooting at different lengths and inputted the most optimal range into the code. LED strip lights change color to signal to drivers when they are in range to shoot. Fabricators began making walls for the field so balls will stay inside the arena space when drivers are practicing.

The drivers also tested climbing and began to make a checklist of items they need to bring to the arena, including items they need to untie the rope from the climbing mechanism.

Before competition the team will most likely be buying new drive station computers. We also hope to have a gopro on the robot.

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