Intro to Infinite Recharge

Welcome to this year’s challenge, Infinite Recharge!

This year’s mission is to collect Power Cells to power the Shield Generator. In the beginning, there’s a 15 second Autonomous Period. Points can be scored by exiting the Initiation Line and scoring Power Cells in Power Ports. Then, for the final 2 minutes and 15 seconds, it’s in the Teleoperated Period (TELEOP).

There are three stages in a match. In the first stage, 9 Power Cells need to be scored during TELEOP in the Power Port. In stage 2, 20 Power Cells need to be scored and the robot needs to complete Rotation Control. This means that the Control Panel has to spin in the same direction for at least three, but no more than five, complete rotations. After this is completed, stage 3 is activated. In this stage, 20 more Power Cells need to be scored and then Position Control needs to be completed. For Position Control, a color is given to the Alliance and the robot has to rotate the Control Panel to the specific color given for at least 5 seconds. After these three stages are completed, Alliances have one final challenge.

During the last 30 seconds, the match is in Endgame. Robots make their way to the Rendezvous Point, and they either hang on the Generator Switch to make it level, or they ‘park’, meaning they are within their Alliance’s Rendezvous Point, but not hanging on the Generator Switch. The final scoring for this happens five seconds after the timer hits zero.

Regarding scoring, up to four ranking points can be earned each match. This can happen by:

  • Winning with more points than the opposing team (2)
  • Activating Stage 3 (1)
  • Earning at least 65 Endgame points (1)

Infinite Recharge is underway! Building has started, and Ozone is charged up and ready to go to make this a great season! Stay tuned for updates and progress this season!

Field for Infinite Recharge
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