Pre-Scrimmage Update: 2/17/17

We will be bringing our prototype robot to a week zero scrimmage tomorrow: more updates are to come. 

The programming team worked on finishing autonomous and visual acquisition code.

The design team worked on building an agitator or the shooter.

Finishing touches were made to the prototype robot. Bumpers were constructed for it, as well as a battery mount. The wiring for the compressor and pressure sensor had to be changed because when the robot was turned on, the pneumatic mechanisms would automatically turn on as well, without being enabled. Programmers then tested all the code they have for the prototype robot. Heated, bent glass was mounted on the inside of it to help balls go from the hopper into the shooter. Then, the indicator light was mounted to the electrical board. Finally, an outside metal frame was added onto it so plexiglass could slide into it and cover the electronics.

The competition robot is getting closer and closer to being finished. The electrical team mounted parts to the board. The frame of it was modified so the sides could fit into it better. Fabricators drilled through the plexiglass so pneumatic tubes could go through it. Plexiglass on the inside of the robot was heated up and bent more to get the correct angle to help balls go into the shooter.

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