Pre-Trip Meeting #1

The Buckeye Regional is just over 2 weeks away! Trip goers are prepping for competition and perfecting robot code and mechanisms.

The majority of the team worked on creating a picture glossary of parts. This will help future members to contribute to the overall function of the team by learning what tools are and what they do.

A small group of people worked on creating bumpers for the robot.

The programming team continued to work on autonomous code, including visual acquisition.

Fabricators and the drive team continue to work together to perfect the gear grabber. We were allowed to keep 20 lbs off of the robot after stop build day to work on until competition.

The drive team created a scoring cheat seat, a check list for competition, and a list of everything on the robot that moves and the speed at which they do so. They also practiced grabbing gears, placing gears, and shooting wiffle balls in a distracted and limited visibility setting (much like how it will be at competition).  Next week the drive team will have practice meetings every day in preparation for competition. Sunday of next week trip goers will pack for competition and finish the layout of the pit.

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