Saturday Build Update – 2/1/20 – Finally Fine Tuning

Welcome back to another build day with OZone! Today, we continued to work on combining the transport and the shooter, as well as continuing other projects.

Piece to spin the Color Wheel

Many fun things were happening today. CAD was working on making the transport mechanism work and making a holder for the gearbox and motor. A few of our members were working on fixing a joystick, and a few others were working on closing the button box. A few members from our fabrication team were also working on a piece to spin the color wheel.

Finished Button Box
Transport and Shooter

Continuing in the FAB Lab, the shooter and transport continued to be fine-tuned to each other, and balls can now be moved through the transport and launched by the shooter.

The good thing about the transport and shooter is we’re able to do both the low goal and high goal. The transport is low enough to directly deposit the balls into the low goal, and the shooter can launch balls into the high goal. Members continued to work on the connection between the two so that they can work together. Below is a test of the transport and shooter working together:

Testing the transport and shooter

Today, coders worked on ways to make a ‘ball counter’. This will keep track of the amount of balls that enter the robot and the amount of balls that exit so that we don’t go over the limit of five.

Tomorrow, the shooter and transport will continue to get refined, and other projects will continue to be worked on. See you tomorrow!

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