Saturday Kick-Off – 1/4/20

The 2020 season has begun! OZone FRC is back at it with this year’s challenge titled Infinite Recharge! Today was kick-off day, so we spent today’s meeting going over what this year’s challenge is, including brainstorming key points from the manual.

In the beginning, we all gathered to watch the kick-off video. This video explained what the challenge for Infinite Recharge is, and it gave us some of the basic rules to start off with. Then, after the initial video, the manual was released. We split up into six groups to go over some of the main topics covered in the manual, coming up with a list of important information we found. After that, we took a break for pizza.

When everyone was ready, we regrouped and discussed the key points each group discovered. Every group went around, contributing to the discussion, and we came up with a list of requirements from our quick glance at the manual. As the season progresses, we’ll get a better understanding of all of the rules. For the first day, it was good to just get a basic idea of the challenge.

To wrap up kick-off, we started our preparations for the rolling chair game that simulates the challenge for this year. We went back with our groups to come up with a strategy so that we were prepared for the game, which would take place the next day. That concluded our first meeting for the 2020 season.

This year is off to a great start, and while there are many returning members, there are also a lot of new members, which is great! Everyone is excited and eager to start, and it’s going to be a great season!

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