Sunday Build Update – 1/27/19 – Problems and Pixy 2

The elevator, under construction…

In the shop today, teams worked on finishing practice apparatuses, attaching motors to the conveyor system, and working on other prototypes for ball intakes. Electricians Lily and Sam worked on fixing limit switches with crimps, and moved onto a 3D model of the arena.

Drive Team and programmers are testing prototypes!

Programmers today worked on the Pixy 2. It’s a visual input, a camera, which tracks lines and colors. We’re testing using it with the reflex-tape lines leading up to and on all grounded loading bays. The camera was coded to identify and label the tape, and to transform it into a green color. It also identifies and labels other colors, such as the orange of the balls.

A new problem arose today–the chain motors in the elevator spin at different speeds! This Causes the platform’s sides to elevate at different speeds, causing the platform to tilt.

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