Sunday Build Update – 2/16/20 – Up and Driving!

Today, we took our team yearbook photo, continued fine tuning things for the robot, and something exciting happened….

They drove the robot for the first time!!!

Scissor lift updated

To start off the meeting, members gathered in the band room for a team picture that will be used in the yearbook. Afterwards, we went straight to work.

In the FAB Lab, the main projects were fine tuning things on the robot, like testing the pressure release, and finishing the scissor lift. On the scissor lift, they added limits and made it even. Continuing in the FAB Lab, a few members worked on coding the transport for the bot so that it only moves when it’s picking up the balls.

Scissor lift with claw

About halfway through the meeting, they were ready to do the first test drive. It was cool to see things finally coming together, and the test drive allowed our members to gain insight onto what more needs to be done.

Test driving the robot

Things are starting to come together- and with less than two weeks left, we hope to finalize everything soon. We continue to make progress next week! See you then!!

P.S. Happy birthday Sam! (And thanks for the cake!!)

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