Sunday Build Update – 2/2/20 – Media Adventures

Today, our media team took an adventure to film a few videos for our Chairman’s Award video. The Chairman’s Award allows for Robotics teams to showcase their outreach experience and exhibit what they’ve done to educate their community and public about FIRST Robotics.

Lucas filming at Liberty High School

Since OZone Robotics contains all four schools in the district, Lucas, our head of media, thought it would be a good idea to highlight this in our Chairman’s video. We took people from all four schools, had them put on their school’s attire, and filmed them walking out of their school.

Since our meetings take place at Orange, that’s where we started filming. Then, we took a trip to the other three schools, starting with Berlin, then Olentangy, and finally Liberty. For each video, our designated people wore something with their school’s logo. They were then filmed walking out of the buildings. We got lucky, because every high school had an event going on, allowing us to get in and film what we needed.

Lucas filming at Berlin High School

At the end, everyone gathered back at Orange. To complete filming, the people previously filmed from each school walked into Orange at the same time. This is to show everyone coming together for Robotics and the four schools uniting for a common interest.

It was a successful day and we got a lot of great video to include for our Chairman’s Award submission. See you next week!

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