Sunday Build Update – 2/9/20 – Buckeye the Shop Dog

Another build day come and gone! Today, we were visited by Buckeye the Shop Dog! Buckeye went around to see everyone and hung out in places like the FAB Lab.

Buckeye the Shop Dog
Easel for presentation

In the FAB Lab, they continued fine-tuning and finishing the transport.


Then, continuing in the FAB Lab, one of our members, Miriam, took on the project of working on an easel for our Chairman’s Award presentation. One of the things the easel needs is to be leveled.

Button Box
Testing the color wheel

Our coders worked on making sure the button box works. They also researched the scissor lift so they can work on making limit switches so that it stops when it reaches a certain height.

The color wheel was also worked on today. Some of our members worked on making it spin.

Everyone’s hard at work to ensure the pieces come together! See you next week!!

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