Friday Build Update – 2/1/19 – Elevator: To Work or Not to Work…

Elevator work flourished today in the OZone!

The project: allow it to stop at different levels. But it didn’t run as smoothly as one might hope…

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Sunday Build Update – 1/27/19 – Problems and Pixy 2

The elevator, under construction…

In the shop today, teams worked on finishing practice apparatuses, attaching motors to the conveyor system, and working on other prototypes for ball intakes. Electricians Lily and Sam worked on fixing limit switches with crimps, and moved onto a 3D model of the arena.

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Saturday Build Update – 1/26/19 – Rise of the Elevator!

Today’s focus was our Elevator!

While the Programming Team worked on transforming files and researching as well as finalizing Elevator coding for magnetic limit switches, the CAD team began 3D printing housing for our potentiometer.

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Welcome to Destination: Deep Space!

Blastoff in 2019! OZone FRC Robotics is back and stronger than ever! This year’s challenge… Destination: Deep Space!

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Buckeye Regional: Getting Ready

We are all looking forward to another competition in Cleveland from March 29 – March 31.

We are not doing whole-team lunch orders this year, so make sure you take a look at the food options at least. The Wolstein Center doesn’t allow food to be brought in.

Food options and other info is at


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2018 Miami Valley Regionals Results

We finished the 2018 Miami Valley Regionals with our best showing ever! We finished qualifications in the top 8, which meant we got to choose our own alliance partners for the first time since Ozone started in 2013. This has been a milestone goal of ours for two years now, and we did it!

Ultimately, we finished the competition ranked sixth, out of 61 teams, losing in the quarterfinals to the team that ended up in first place.

Even more exciting, though, is our ranking in the “Ownership” category. “Ownership,” for this year’s game, is determined by the amount of time an alliance keeps the Scale and the Lever tilted in their favor. This is what we focused on when building our bot, and it paid off – only three teams scored better in this than we did!

Looking at the rankings in each category on the official scoreboard, we came out looking like this:

  • 4th in Ownership
  • 6th overall
  • 12th in Endgame
  • 14th in Auto
  • 24th in Vault

Check out our scores on the FRC Official Scoreboard, and join us again for the Buckeye Valley Regionals in Cleveland, March 28 Р31. We have a strong team, and a solid robot this year. Cleveland is going to be exciting!

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